How to Pay

All our prices already include 15% VAT. We are also VAT payers from date 1.4.2019.

We accept payments made as indicated below, but always after our call and verification of the stock of your order, so please do not pay in advance (so that we do not have to uneconomically return overpaid amounts).

Foreign Customers

Orders outside the Czech Republic (orders from abroad) are always processed solely after the payment of the order, without the payment in advance the merchandise will not be sent to you.


Payment through Paypal includes also Paypal fees for accepted payment, which is usually 6 % of the order total price, the total amount when paying through Paypal will be calculated including the Paypal fees.



Payment by bank transfer includes the bank fee of 9.00 eur for accepted payment from abroad, the total amount when paying by bank transfer will be calculated including the bank fees.

We monitor every package and we are informed in detail by the GLS daily whether the package has been delivered to the customer (in Czech Republic and in EU countries). Your merchandise will be delivered safely and fine and within the delivery terms to you at the address you have indicated.