Cactus - Moravia International


Petr Kupčák

I'm an amateur botanist, specializing in the Cactaceae system. I have 35 years' experience in this complex field, which includes working with cacti on a daily basis.


In 2016, I founded our family farm nursery MUFO 35525/2016-1 specialising in the production of cacti and succulents. We grow all these products together with our co-operative team (distribution seeds division as well as cultural plant section), as the only online retailer we have our own products for nurseries.


Since 2003, I have completed 15 study trips to South America (Bolivia, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Brazil). (field numbers are KP)
I collaborated on botanical descriptions of Mexican, South American cacti. My most famous co-author work is a description of Coryphantha kracikii. In my career, I've published a series of growing articles that contain a lot of ideas, ideas and insights that a lot of growers use on their plants or sowings to date.

Along with my late father, a member of the Cactus-Moravia International team, the seed section of Miroslav Kupčák (field numbers are KMR), who also made 9 trips to Mexico, we have always been big supporters of growing seed cacti. We also used progressive cultivation methods such as grafting, sowing and other things related to growing practices.

Our motivation is to spread cactus and succulent seeds as widely as possible among growers worldwide. This is because of the rescue of species that are being destroyed by the large-scale construction of local infrastructure and the actions of local farmers. That's why our society emphasizes all options for helping the conservation of species.


Lenka Kupčáková

I'm a lover of all beautiful flowering plants, gardens and nature in general. My functions at the company are logistics, distribution, order handling. She has jurisdiction over the family company Cactus Moravia International is the chief sales manager.